Sunday, September 30, 2007

Upper Part of Body Shiatsu Treatment 66a 66b 67 68 69

66a. Bend elbow and hold wrist as seen in photograph.

66b. Adjust the arm by pulling the wrist outward parallel with the floor. Release the arm.
Face the receiver's trunk area directly so that you can work on the abdomen.

67. With your outstretched fingers, probe the abdomen to get a general idea of its condition. Be attentive to hard, soft, hot, or cold areas.

68. With the heel of your right hand placed directly on the abdomen, massage in a clockwise direction. Massage within the area made by the ribs and hip bones. This relaxes abdominal muscles, increases circulation and assimilation, and helps constipation.

69. Knead the intestines as you lean your weight into the receiver's navel area. Gently, but deeply, knead as you would bread dough. The hands remain in one place. Push with the heel of your hand and pull with the finger-tips. This strongly stimulates internal organs.


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