Tuesday, September 25, 2007


At first glance, Macrobiotics appears to be a new wholistic health system. However, the word macrobiotics was used many centuries ago to describe people who were healthy and lived a long time. "Macro" means "great" or "large" and "bios" means "life." Macrobiotics is the art of living a long and happy life according to the principles of nature. The essence of macrobiotics has existed for thousands of years. More recently, around the turn of the century, these natural principles were revitalized and reintroduced by George Ohsawa. Mr. Ohsawa taught the principles of the Order of the Universe extensively in Japan, India, Africa, Europe, and the United States. His wife Mrs. Lima Ohsawa continues to teach in Tokyo. Many of his students including Shizuko Yamamoto present this ancient information to modern people. Borrowing its ancient name, this traditional information is again called Macrobiotics.

The macrobiotic approach to shiatsu is based on the timeless principles of change. This approach is a unique blend of Eastern and Western natural health and medical influences. It uses heal­ing methods that are simple, rational, and effective, yet have no effects on the user.




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