Sunday, September 30, 2007

Upper Part Body Shiatsu Treatment 70 71 72 73

70. Place your palms on the abdomen. Coordinate your breathing with the receiver's breathing. On exhaling, press down gently until you feel resistance. Hold for 1-3 seconds. On inhaling, lift the palms off. Repeat up to ten times. This increases overall energy and balances the body. It also brings deep relaxation.

Move to the receiver's right side. Kneel between the body and the outstretched arm. Massage the left hand as you did the other hand (number 55).

Massage the lower and up­per arms as you did on the other side (numbers 56-65). Adjust the arm by bending it and pulling the wrist in an outward direction (Number 66} Put arm down on the floor.

Move to Behind the Receiver's Head.

71. Pick up the head withboth hands and stretch theneck by moving the headtoward the chest. Try totouch the chin to the chest.

72. Place hands under theneck and pull the headtoward yourself, stretchingthe neck and body.

73. While holding the head,rotate it in a figure eight,moving the chin from side toside (no photograph).