Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Macrobiotics Part 2

The body has its own healing process which involves the blood, nerves, tissues, and immune function. Only remedies that assist our body and direct nature in her efforts to allow us to heal ourselves and strenghten our defense mechanism can be called natural or true remedies.
The use of diet, including proper cooking, plus shiatsu, exer­cise, breathing practices, and sunshine are not usually thought of as medical treatments by the modem medical system. However, these can all be successfully used in the treatment of illness and more importantly, in the prevention of illness. For those of us who want to take responsibility for our own health, this book, containing natural remedies, can help. Most of the special materials that we use are found in the natural foods kitchen.

Macrobiotics itself is not a static, unchanging thing; it is a way of life that includes all the principles of vibrant health. These principles offer a unifying way to look at nature, a way to see the universe as a whole. To practice macrobiotics is to observe nature and apply what we learn to our lifestyles. This includes both our daily eating and our outlook on life. Our way of eating has an es­sential influence on our life experience. Macrobiotic dietary princi­ples take into account differing needs according to climate, geogra­phy, age, sex, and level of activity. Tradition and intuition should guide us in our food choices as well as our life choices.
The following basic macrobiotic principles can act as a guide. Chances are if you remember these points, no obstacle will be too great for you

Macrobiotics emphasizes the existence of a unifying princi­ple. In short, it makes us aware of the unity in Life. The unifying


principle is thought to be the origin of all the opposites that exist. It is interesting isn't it, that from the unchanging comes the opposing forces which can change everything? These two opposing forces were called Yin and Yang by the ancient Chinese. These powerful tendencies create and destroy everything in this universe. Under­standing the movement of change can be useful in establishing bal­ance and creating health.

In our lives, when we have difficulty, we simply need to look at how we are encouraging such an imbalance. The realms of thinking, breathing, movement, diet, sleep, and sex—the six funda­mental areas of life which contribute to our current state of health— are as far as we have to look. Anytime an imbalance is present, we have helped to create it. Our goal, then, is to prevent imbalances and to remedy any that may already be present. The body doesn't lie. By watching the body, its structure, movement and gestures, we can perceive balance or imbalance. All ancient medical systems were primarily concerned with observing and treating imbalance. In traditional Chinese healing practices the Yin/Yang principle was used. Basic to the understanding of this principle is the assumption that the elements of nature are temporary and changing. Recogniz­ing this, human beings who want to follow nature must conduct




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