Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cause of Illness

From the moment of conception within a mother's womb, we are living, moving and growing creatures. This energy of life comes partly from our parents as genetic inheritance and partly from the nourishment of food, drink, emotions, ideas, and vibra­tions. Because we are alive, we must keep ourselves in good condi­tion. Without this constant conditioning, it is easy to deteriorate.

At times we say to ourselves that we don't feel well. At that moment, we already know that something is going wrong. This feeling is our signal that normal body functions are beginning to make changes. The unpleasant symptoms of the aches and pains are an attempt by the body to reestablish harmony. But, to you, that headache certainly doesn't feel like harmony!
When symptoms are present, the energy within the internal organs as well as the muscles and tissues doesn't circulate well. Physical and emotional suffering is an expression of imbalance. These changes are, nonetheless, the body's attempt to conserve life energy and promote long-term health.

The cause of illness was recorded in ancient medical text­books thousands of years ago in China and India—imbalance. For example when the heart becomes imbalanced we may see either high or low blood pressure. When the pancreas is affected, the result is of- READ MORE


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