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Ear acupressure point hypothalamus

Ear acupressure is only about 50 years old. Paul Nogiers a neurlogist from Lyons, France became involved with this discovery when a woman entered his office one day in the early 1950s. She said she had back pain for years. Dr. Nogiers said perhaps he could help her. She remarked "No. I had back pain for years but is was cured by a woman in the Middle East. She burnt my ear and the pain has been gone since." Dr Nogiers scientific curiosity was aroused as he saw a scar on her ear. From that acupressure ear point he searched for other areas on the ear that might relieve ailments and discovered that the ear has points communicating with the in Germany a lecture on the subject. A Chinese contingency photographed his slides and they pursued the subject by using the Red army as subjects. They developed a map of the ear which we present here in our website. Dr Nogiers published many works on the subject and recently died at the age of 88.

In 1972 a Japanese physician, Dr. Y. Omura began a detoxification program at Lincoln Hospital in New York City to see if acupressure could remove the cocaine withdrawals. Indeed it worked and Dr. Michael Smith and others followed his work for that treatment. As a side affect, Dr. Omura found that many of his addicted patients had quit smoking and many also lost weight. This lead to the use of acupressure to help people quit smoking and lose weight.

Our second picture shows points that you can use for pain relief or other ailments. All you have to do is touch the area with a heavy duty paper clip for 3 minutes and you should see a response.Perhaps you notice basketball coaches frantically rubbing their ears when they are in a tense game. Or note how your significant other may become aroused as you nibble on his or her ear.
The subject is quite complex and there are many points. At least it gets you stated. There are many acupressurists that even use the ear exclusively to solve problems.

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Ear acupressure points for hypothalamus 1

Ear acupressure points for hypothalamus 1