Monday, February 19, 2007


the wrist is injured in all sports as are the figures. The wrist is very responsive to acupressure or pressure acupuncture. There are a number of important points in this area which besides having use in wrist arthritis or general systemic problems. The figures will be repeated when these illnesses are discussed, but for now the wrist itself is the object of our attention. Wrist hand point I is described in figure 16. Pressure can be used with or without massage.

Wrist injuries

Wrist-hand point 2 fig. 17 is an important point for wrist injuries. It can be used either with pressure alone or with rotation of the finger. The applications should be for several minutes at a time and more than one point can be stimulated simultaneously. Of course, if the injured party is working on himself, the uninjured hand works on the injured. If both hands or wrist are involved, he may need help.

Fig. 16
Wrist-hand point 1 (Lung 7)
Located on the thump side of the wrist just the radial tuberoses (a projection of bone just above the thump side of the wrist) . it can be about two fingerbreadths above the wrist fold. See also figs.64 & 88

Fig. 17
Wrist-hand point 2
(Tripple Burner 4)
Located on the back of the wrist at about the middle of the wrist at the flexion crease. this point, wrist-hand point 3 fig. 18 is one of those points that has important uses other than for wrist injuries. It is a fair help in wrist ailments and should be employed especially if the injury’s pain makes it difficult to relax at night.

Fig. 18
Wrist-hand point 3
(Heart 7)
Located on the palmer aspects of the wrist at the first crease after the hand-wrist junction crease on the little finger side of the hand. (seven eight of the width of the wrist from the thump side). See also fig. 75 & 95.
Wrist-hand point 4 is another important point for the wrist alone. It can be handled like the one on its opposite side (wrist-hand point 2) and the thumb and index or middle finger of the uninjured hand can simultaneously be applied to the two points.

Fig. 19
Wrist-hand point 4
(Pericardium 7)
Located at the centre of the hand-wrist junction crease on the palmer side.

wrist hand point 5 is one of the most important points in the body. It is very useful in wrist trauma, and pressure alone will probably be the most effective method of using it even though rotation can be the tried. In the treatment of systemic.

Fig. 20
Wrist-hand point 5
(Large intestine 4)
It is located midway between the two bones of thumbs and index finger. One can find it by closing the thumb and the forefinger together and noticing the little mound that forms at their junction on the back of the hand. The point lies under the peak of the thumb of the other hand over the web between the thumb and the index finger as shown in the illustration. It lies under the end of the thumb. See also fig 63, 69,76,82,92.

Injuries more pressure usually can be tolerated than in treating a local injury, since the local injury, naturally, has local pain near the site. But as the condition improves increased pressure can be tolerated for local injuries.