Monday, February 19, 2007

Sciatica, Muscle Spasms and Tired legs

Knee point 4, (Fig. 13), leg point 2, (Fig 14) and ankle-foot point 5 (Fig. 15) are also effective points in low back pain, even though they are extremity points. They should be used bilaterally (on both sides). It is still a mystery why points remote from the injury are useful in acupuncture , and many yet unproven theories abound to try to explain it. However, we do not always need to understand a benefit in order to take advantage of it.

Fig. 13
Knee point 4 (Bladder 54)
Located on the back portion of the knee exactly at the midpoint of the crease. See also Fig 30.

To be used bilaterally for the back pain.

Fig. 14
Leg point 2 (Bladder 57)
At the lower tip of the calf muscle in the vertical midline of the back of the leg. (Roughly in the centre of the back of the leg.)

Again use ankle-foot point 5 bilaterally this indication.

Fig. 15
Ankle-foot point 5(Bladder 60)
Located in the depression in the back of the lateral malleolus, (the rounded bone protruding from the ankle on the outer aspect). See also fig. 38.