Monday, February 19, 2007

Stop Smoking


This is an effective point for stop smoking. You have to press this stop smoking point very pressurefully, hold one hand on the left ear when right ear is applying pressure. when applying pressure on the left ear hold the right hand very well. Before applying this pressure you should be very confident about it. For stop smoking the main step is the trust on yourself. try it you can attain 99% best result.

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Acupressure stop smoking point

And the acupressure points that we use in EFT are the endpoints of the main acupuncture meridians. Only instead of using needles, we stimulate these points by a tapping sort of massage. We tap, usually with two fingers, on the area, thereby stimulating these meridians.So what is different about the effect of having EFT from the effect of having acupuncture?? Well, with EFT, your mind is asked to bring up a bad emotional state so that the acupressure will release you
from that bad emotion