Monday, February 19, 2007


Another thing for which this point is useful is hiccoughs. Press firmly and you will be surprised how often it will work.

Fig. 91
Neck point 1
Conception Vessel 22
Located just above the sternal notch or just above the breast bone where the soft tissue of the front of the neck begins. Site is directly under tip of the index finger. See also fig. 79

Our old friend wrist-hand point 5 fig 92 is also useful for asthma. For any individual who hopes to get relief from pressure points, there are numerous point as shown in this section. Trial and error to find the most advantageous ones must be tried. The most effective ones can then be employed when found.

Fig. 92
Wrist-hand point 5
(Large intestine 4)
It is located midway between the two bones of thumbs and index finger. One can find it by closing the thumb and the forefinger together and noticing the little mound that forms at their junction on the back of the hand. The point lies under the peak of the thumb of the other hand over the web between the thumb and the index finger as shown in the illustration. It lies under the end of the thumb. See also fig 20, 63, 69,76,82

Back point 8 fig. 93 is good for cough and asthma.

Fig. 93
Bladder 13
Located between third and fourth thoracic vertebrae. One can find by finding the large prominent bone on the base of the back of the neck and counting down three additional spines. Point is on each side of the spine two fingerbreadth distance.


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