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Tension headache points have been covered previously with the neck (chapter 8). We will now discus the points for migraine headache also. It must be kept in mind that some elements of both creep into many severe headaches. Face point four fig. 60 is the commonly used temple area that becomes almost automatic to the headache sufferer. Other points are face point 1 fig. 61 face point 3 fig. 62 and often encountered wrist-hand point 5 fig 63

Pressure more than massage is beneficial in these cases but massage can be tried. those sites that are bilateral should be used bilaterally. Migraine and headache , once they get hold of an individual, let go with extreme reluctance. Therefore, it must be emphasized to institute treatment quickly.

If the headache are severe enough much effort must be taken to obtain relief. Help by friend to press the wrist-hand sites fig. 63 and 64 while you press the face points is advisable.

Fig. 60
Face point 4
Sun X
Located on each side of the forehead one fingerbreadth lateral to the eyebrow in the temple area. See also fig. 77

Fig. 61
Face point 1
Governing Vessel 24.5
Located on the center of the forehead midway between the eyebrows.

Medication prescribed by a doctor may be necessary, but in any case pressure acupuncture can be of enormous help either as the prime treatment of as an adjunct.

Fig. 62
Face point 3
Triple Burner 23
Located on each side of the forehead at the outer edge of the eyebrows. See also fig. 99

Keep in mind to massage and put pressure on the neck point and trigger points also, especially if the pain is in back. Pressure the trigger points as well as the acupuncture sites helps. (a trigger point is any point that is tender. In the neck it is usually due to muscle spasm)

Fig. 63
Wrist-hand point 5
Large intestine 4
It is located between the two bones of the thumbs and index finger. One can find it by closing the thumb and the forefinger together and noticing the little mound that forms at their junction on the back of the hand. The point lies at the peak of the little mound. It can also be found by bending the thumb of the other hand over the web between the thumb and the index finger as shown in the illustration. It lies under the end of the thumb. See also figs. 20, 69, 76, 82 & 92.

Another point wrist-hand point 1 fig. 64 is useful generally in headache of any origin.

Fig. 64
Wrist-hand point 1
Lung 7
Located on the thumb side of the wrist just above the radial tuberosity (a projection of bone just above the thumb side of the wrist). Can be found by placing the hand as shown in the illustration. It is about two fingerbreadth above the wrist fold. See also fig. 16 & 88


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