Monday, February 19, 2007


Insomnia is a problem that confronts everyone from time to time. For some it is a completely agonizing experience requiring heavy reliance on sedatives. Pressure on the acupuncture sites can be beneficial. The sites are wrist-hand point 3 fig. 75, wrist-hand point 5 fig. 76 and face point 4 fig 77.

Since the wrist-hand points lie in close proximity to each other both points can be pressed simultaneously. Use the thumb on the wrist-hand point 5 and the index finger or middle finger on the wrist-hand point 3. also the same wrist-hand sites can be pressed on each side simultaneously. Apply hard pressure for several minutes, then relax. When you are weary of pressure the hand points try the face point 4 bilaterally which you will recognize as one the migraine points.

Diligence and frequent application wile you are trying to sleep will often allow you to drift off. Remember, at that time you have nothing else to do. Press the points and count sheep, and before you know it you will be asleep.

Fig. 75
Wrist-hand point 3
Heart 7
Located on the palmer aspect of the wrist at the first crease after the hand-wrist in the little finger side of the hand. (Seven eight of the width of the wrist from the thumb side). See also figs. 18 & 95.

Fig. 76
Wrist-hand point 5
Large intestine 4
Located by closing the thumb and the forefinger together and noticing the little mound that forms at their junction on the back of the hand. The point lies under the peak of the little mound. It can also be found by bending the thumb of the other hand over the web between the thumb and index finger as shown in the illustration. The point lies under the end of the thumb. End of the thumb is directly on site. See also figs. 20,63,69,82 & 92.

Fig. 77
Face point 4
Sun X
Located on each side of the head one fingerbreadth lateral to the eyebrow in the temple area. See also fig. 60

Neck point 3 fig. 78 pressed bilaterally with massage plus the three preceding points, especially wrist-hand point 3 fig 75 and wrist-hand point 5 fig. 76 are useful to help relieve anxiety. Tranquilizer and anti-depressants may also be indicated and psychiatric treatment in extreme cases; so, consult your physician if this is a persistent and unrelieved condition.

Fig. 78
Neck point 3
Bladder 10
Just below the first cervical vertebra is located on each side of the spine at the natural level of the hair line, each point being one fingerbreadth to the side of the spine. Site is directly under tip of the index finger. See also fig. 47


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