Monday, February 19, 2007

Acupressure FAINTING


The following two points may used to rouse a person in a faint. They are face point10 fig 98 and face point 3 fig 99. unilaterally or bilaterally. Face point 10 is also can be used alone or in conjunction with face point 9 fig 68 to stifle a sneeze.

Fig. 98
Face-point 10
Governing Vessel 26
Located midway between the bottam of the nose and top of the upper lip.

Fig. 99
Face point 3
Triple Burner 23
Located on each side of the forehead at the outer edge of the eyebrows. See also fig. 62

Removing the shoes and pressing hard on ankle-foot point 8 fig 100 also may be of use for fainting. It may be done bilaterally for the best result. A doctor should be consulted about fainting regardless of the speculation as to its cause.

Fig 100
Ankle-foot point 8
Kidney 1
Located one third of the way from the toes to the heel on the bottom of the foot in the midline.

These maladies have been treated extensively by needle acupuncture with success ranging from zero to the miraculous, treating nerve physican whether he uses acupuncture or not.

Fig. 101
Face point 5
Gall bladder 2
Located on each side of the face by opening the mouth wide and feeling the depression formed in front of the ears at the top of the ear lobe level. Pressure should be applied with mouth closed. See also fig 71.

Three pressure points will be mentioned here for use in treating either dizziness or ringing in the ears. The first point, ankle-foot point 7 fig. 102, is used best for dizziness.

Fig. 102
Ankle-foot point
Liver 3
Located two finger breadths above the base of the toes in between the bony extension of the large toe and second toe.

The other two, face point 5 fig 101 and face point 1 fig 103 are acupuncture sites used for treating ringing in ears, as well as for other things. They may be tried for dizziness also.

Fig. 103
Face point 11
Triple burner 17
Behind the ear lobe just in front of the rounded mastoid bone.