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Shoulder and neck injuries, while they are distinct and separate in many respects and can occur individually and frequently, too often together. Furthermore, they share a number of acupuncture sites. Therefore, it is convenient to discuss the two together. We will divide the discussion into two parts: shoulder points only, combination points (points shared by both anatomical parts) , and neck points only.

Shoulder points 1 fig. 40 is the most important point for relieving pure shoulder disabilities. Pressure and rotary massage may be used. The same is true for shoulder point 2 fig. 41

Shoulder point 3 fig. 42 is also a point reserved for shoulder injuries and disabilities only. These three points can be used singly or together. As with the other parts previously described, the most pressure can be used over points more remote from the injury. All points should be used initially and then determination made if one point is superior to the other.

Fig. 40
Shoulder point 1
Large intestine 15
It is located on the outside of the shoulder bone. Have the patient raise his bent elbow to an angle of 90 degree from the body. The indentation is easier to see. In short it is located at the midpoint of the top of the outside of the arm just below the end of the shoulder bone.

Fig. 41
Shoulder point 2
Large intestine 14
Located at the midpoint of the outside of the arm(upper arm) where the tip of the (upside down appearing) triangular deltoid muscle is others, since some of the combination points also should be used. In case such as shoulder where up to 6 or 7 sites are available, it is not always possible let alone convenient to use all.

Fig. 42
Shoulder point 3
Triple Burner 14
Located on the back of the shoulder above the arm pit, in the soft tissue just below the bony top of the shoulder.

The next series of points have less direct action on the upper arm or outside portion of the shoulder. However, they do help and are very beneficial for the inside portion of and the upper axilla or the armpit. Shoulder point 4 fig. 43 is of more help to the shoulder than the neck but is of value to both.

Fig. 43
Shoulder point 4
Small intestine 12
Located on an imaginary line drawn from the tip of the shoulder to a point lying over the middle of the base of the back of the neck. The point is one third along that line from the shoulder.


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