Monday, February 19, 2007


This type of pain requires the consultation of a doctor. But while waiting for him to arrive or with his approval after a diagnosis has been made, acupuncture points which help relieve abdominal pain will be identified.

Fig. 80
Abdomen point 4
Conception Vessel 4
Located in the middle of the abdomen, one and half inches below the navel four fingerbreadth below the umbilicus. See also fig. 59

Abdomen point 4 fig. 80 and ankle-foot point 6 fig 81 the menstrual cramp point can be used for lower intestinal pain. The umbilicus, itself, is the acupuncture point for middle abdomen pain as well as the two points located 3 fingerbreadths to each side of it. Pressure can be hard over extremity sites, but over the abdomen itself pressure over a very tender site must not be applied. Pick points remote from areas of acute tenderness.

Fig. 81
Ankle-foot point 6
Spleen 6
Located four fingerbreadth above the medial malleolus or the inner rounded ankle bone at the middle of the inside aspects of the leg . see also figs. 39, 58, 7 72.

Gall Bladder Discomforts

Where there is no tenderness but only pain, any effective site or multiple of them can be use. For the upper abdomen wrist-hand point 5 fig . 82 is a non-specific point. Knee point 7 fig. 83 can be used for gall bladder discomforts.

Fig. 82
Wrist-hand point 5
Large intestine 4
It is located midway between the two bones of thumb and index finger. One can find it by closing the thumb and the forefinger together and noticing the little mound that forms at their junctions on the back of the hand. The point lies under the peak of the little mound. It can also be found by bending the thumb of the other hand over the web between the thumb and the index finger as shown in the illustration . the point lies under the end of the thumb . End of the thumb is directly on sites. See also figs. 20, 63, 69, 76 & 92.

In case of acute gall bladder disease, knee point fig. 83 may be tender itself; in that even pressure with care should be applied.

Fig. 83
Gall bladder 34
Located in front of and below the head of the fibula which is the rounded knob located near the middle of the outside aspect of the leg at a level about two fingerbreadth below the lower level of the knee cap. The point itself is located in the depressed area in front of and below the fibula head. See also fig. 33.

Leg point 1 fig. 84 and back point 7 fig. 85 are points that can be used for upper abdominal pains, including those from peptic ulcers, indigestion and chronic gall bladder diseases.

Fig. 84
Leg point 1
Stomach 36
Located for fingerbreadths below the lower level of the knee cap and about one fingerbreadth to the outside of the shin bone in the soft tissue there. See also fig. 49

Since they do not overlie the problem directly but are remote, firm pressure and massage can be used.

Fig. 85
Back point 7
Bladder 21
Located between twelfth thoracic and first lumbar vertebrae. One can find them on each side of the spinal column, each point lying about two fingerbreadth to the side of the middle of the spinal column. Points are located three fingerbreadth above the lowest level of the rib cage.