Monday, February 19, 2007

Back Ailments

The shoulder, which is important in many sports, is closely involved with the neck and will be discussed prior to neck problems. Although golf can involve other injuries, the back is a prominent target. The golf swing is a complicated movement involving multiple muscles and parts. Back points are pressured on both sides at once (bilaterally). The most important point, back point one , is illustrated in Fig. 8

Trigger points are points that are tender but are not acupuncture sites. A set of trigger points for low back pain are located as described in fig. 9. Identified as back point 2, these points are the most difficult for a person to press or massage himself, and help is needed. As a matter of the fact most back points can best be stimulated by second party and especially for a week or infirmed individual, any point should be stimulated carefully by an informed and conscientious friend.

Fig. 8 (Back Point 1)
(Bladder 23) Exact location is between second and third lumbar vertebrae, just behind navel. To make it easy, these points are located on each side of the spinal column, each points are about two fingerbreadths to

the side of the middle of the spinal column. Points are located at the same level as the bottom of the rib cage.

Fig. 9 (Back point 2)
(Trigger Points) Located by bending neck slightly and nothing prominent vertebral bone protruding at the base of the neck. Counting it as one, count down five vertebral spines 9spines of the back bone). In between the fifth and sixth spine and two fingerbreadths to each side of the centre of the backbone lie the points.


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