Monday, February 19, 2007


Menstrual difficulties are a plague for many women whether it is the agony of premenstrual tension or the inconvenience of excess or irregular flow. These conditions should be diagnosed by a gynecologist or family doctor in any case, but either as a primary treatment or adjunct treatment, pressure on acupuncture sites can be useful. The first point is ankle-foot point 6 fig. 72

Fig. 72
Ankle-foot point 6
Spleen 6
Located four fingerbreadth above the medial malleolus or the inner rounded ankle bone at the middle of the inside aspect of the leg. See also figs. 39, 58 and 81.

Additional points for menstrual difficulties are knee point 5 fig 53 and abdomen point 3 fig, 74. bilateral point should be pressed and massaged on both sides.

Fig. 73
Knee point 5
Spleen 9
Located at a level three fingerbreadth below the lower level of the knee cap the intersection of an imaginary line traveling vertically along the middle of the inside of the leg. See also fig. 31

If one is prone to pre menstrual tension it is wise to start therapy several days before the period is supposed to start and continue it for several days after. If one has heavy flow it is best to start the therapy on the first day of the cycle and continue it until the period stops. If one gets intermittent flow through the month, apply the therapy daily.

Fig. 74
Abdomen point 3
Conception Vessel 6
Located two fingerbreadth below the umbilicus.