Monday, February 19, 2007

Acupressure Point Chest Pain


Of course chest pain can be a symptom of the most seriously illness with a fatal attack of the heart diseases, a pulmonary embolus, or the rupture of a great blood vessel are including among its many causes. It is imperative that a physician be summoned at once.

Fig. 94
Chest point 2
Liver 14
Located between sixth and seven ribs, directly under the nipple. Other way of finding them is by detecting two ribs below the nipple on about a vertical line traveling through the middle of the natural positions of the nipple(in women lying on her black with the breast position so that it is symmetrical with the nipple in the middle)

Chest point 2 fig. 94 is good for rib pain or intercostals neuralgia. Use bilaterally with pressure and massage. If desired. Wrist-hand point 3 fig. 95 is also effective.

Fig. 95
Wrist-hand point 3
(Heart 7)
Located on the palmer aspects of the wrist at the first crease after the hand-wrist junction crease on the little finger side of the hand. (seven eight of the width of the wrist from the thump side). See also fig. 75 & 18

Wrist-hand point 10 fig. 6 also can be used in chest pain, including angina with your doctor’s consent.

Fig. 96
Wrist-hand point 10 (triple Burner 5)
Located on the back side of the forearm three fingerbreadth from the middle of the wrist crease. See also fig. 25