Monday, February 19, 2007


Sinus trouble are the most successful treated illnesses by acupuncture with needles. Since the sites are located just under the skin they also readily respond to pressure acupuncture. Pressure plus massage are used.

Fig. 65
Face point 6
Stomach 2
Located under the pupil of each eye just below the lower border of the eye socket.

The sites are face point 6 fig. 65. face point 2 fig. 66 . and face point 7 fig. 67. a few minutes on each bilateral site several times a day should produce good result within two weeks.

Face point 2
Bladder 2
Located on each side of the forehead at the middle edge of the eyebrows.

Maintenance therapy should be used after that, especially in times when the victim is exposed to allergic condition such as pollens, smog and any other irritant he may be aware of.

Fig. 67
Face point 7
Large intestine 20
Located just to the side of the base of the nose on each side.