Monday, February 19, 2007


Back point 4(Fig. 11)
Which technically is about three quarters of an inch in back of the hip joint obviously lies deep under the skin, and to stimulate it requires a fair degree of pressure and massage. The particular point is especially beneficial for sciatica, but is also very useful bilaterally for low back pain.

Fig. 11 (Back point 4) (Gall Bladder 30)
Located by standing slightly on tip toes and nothing the depression formed at the side of the buttocks. The point is located in the centre of the depression or ring.

Another deep point is back point 5 (Fig. 12) which can be used bilaterally. Again, unless the site is unusually tender (a general rule) deep strong pressure, rotating the finger when useful, is required.

Fig. 12 (Back point 5)
(Bladder 51) Located at the midpoint of the crease the lower and of the buttocks makes with the thigh.


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