Saturday, March 24, 2007


Almost all the infants vomit 2-3 spoon quantity of ingested milk and there is nothing unusual in it. Vomiting may be caused by feeding with milk in excess of the required quantity, putting pressure on his stomach, moving him to and fro or letting him lie on his stomach or keeping his head low. If such undesirable situation is not allowed to occur, no vomiting may occur. If the child has pain irritation in his throat and coughs frequently, even then he may vomit. If the child could belch, no such vomiting can occur. Uncurdled milk is simply a regurgitation and flows from side(s) of the mouth. But if there is yellow or greenish vomit, consult a doctor. But repeated and frequent vomiting is a serious complication which must be investigated by a specialist. In a few children, the pyloric orifice is at fault which may be the cause of vomiting. Surgery should be resorted to as an ultimate option.