Saturday, March 24, 2007


It is no disease but merely a pointer to some discomfort felt by the baby like

Pain in the stomach

Locking up of wind in the abdomen and gurgling sound


Redness and swelling of anus due to acidity

When bladder is empty but had not been voided

Fever or pain in the body

Nappy rash

Cold bed or exposure to cold or when his cloths get saturated with stool or urine

Pain in the ear

In some cases the child may weep even without any visible and/ or apparent cause, but it is height of imprudence to attribute every weep of child as a demand for feeding. If a child draws up her legs and does not bear her abdomen to be touched with hand, even when mild pressure is applied abdomen which might bloat. Some children are relieved after the passage of wind. But colic pain generally disappears by the 3rd month.

The baby will cry if urine or stool is not passed. This situation can be easily countered by passage of urine/stool. If the stools are hard, she will have pain while passing stools and there may be some redness also in and around the anus. Give some quantity of water (boiled and then cooled)

If there is a pain in the ear the child will try to touch her ear. Pain in ear can also be due to some injury or blockage of nose or wax accumulation. Do not touch the ear. Rather have the child examined by a specialist.

Baby’s nappies should be changed as soon they become spoiled by sweat, stool or urine. When it is winter, the child will cry more due to cold and wet nappy. Even otherwise, if a child lies in wet clothes, he will develop itching, rashes and pain.


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