Saturday, March 24, 2007

Frontal massage of the baby

· Gently and slowly apply a little oil on the front of the body, from shoulder to feet, but avoid the face. Now lightly stroke down the chest and abdomen using the tips of your fingers. By your light and delightful strokes, you can calm your baby’s body at any time. Remember, the touch of hands on the body will cheer up the baby and will show her happiness through gentle laughter of innocent smiles. Let the legs be kept in a straight line but if she curls them up, let her do so. It is a sign that she is enjoying the movements.

Keep the pressure very light. Move both your hands smoothly in circular strokes over the abdomen, working up the baby’s right side across and down the left side. Keep your movements continuous by lifting your left hand when your arms across. Now repeat such circular movement many a time


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