Saturday, March 24, 2007


Massage is a marvelous way to enhance the natural bonding between the mother and the new born baby as touch is a natural way to establish contact between both. All babies instantly respond to cuddling and caressing. You must have noticed how a baby tightly curls its hands and feet when touched. In the case of babies, no essential oil is used, but only light vegetable oil, like sweet almond, sunflower and baby oil or olive oil, are used.

Advantages and significant points about massage

Unless Okayed by an aroma-therapist, no essential oil should be added to massage oil.

Do not expose the baby’s tender skin to strong or biting cold, cold winds and snow fall.

Warm your hands before the massage. It is still better if oil is also slightly warmed.

Gently stroke baby’s tender body and do not exert any pressure.

Do not massage when the baby is weeping or is ill or even when he resists any type of touch.

Room should be warm, quiet and without any draughts.

Massage relieves babies of colic, alleviates wind, improves digestion, cures coughs and colds etc.

Keep movements gently and smooth flowing.

Massage builds up general resistance of body.

Do not apply any oil on the baby’s eyes and face.

Do not massage immediately before, during or after a feed.

Make sure that massage helps your baby to feel lighter and better and that no discomfort or agitation is caused to her, if the baby weeps or cries during the massage, it means the massage area is either painful or too sensitive. In such a situation stop massaging. You may restart when the baby feels comfortable.


Take a large sized towel and spread half portion on your legs or lap and other half under the baby’s back out. ensure there are no wrinkles or folds. Lay the baby on its back, or lay her in the position that makes her feel comfortable. Apply some oil, about 5 ml, to your palms and then apply gently and softly over the frontal portion of the body. Ensure that your hands are warm, the room is also warm and quiet and also there are no draughts. You can massage baby’s body either before the bath or after the bath. But the ideal time is said to be one hour before the bath.


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