Saturday, March 24, 2007


Complete course of preventive vaccination and the not skip over or delay.

Never give any medicine on empty stomach or soon after feeding nor disturb a child when he is asleep or continue to weep.

Best way to give medicine orally to a little child is by dropper fill the dropper from the spoon. Pick your baby up and lean her back slightly on your arm. Support her head and hold her free arm, so she cant swipe at the dropper.

Never exceed the stated and recommended dose nor give an adult dose to a child. Give only paediatric preparations.

Stop use of medicine when the child had fully recovered but some medicines are to be given for a specific period. Hence do not cut short the treatment mid-way.

Give medicines either dissolved in water or with some palatable vehicle but avoid giving tablets straightaway on the tongue as they might gag her or cause respiration problem.

Capsule medicines generally adhere and stick to the soft palate or throat and, thus, may choke her, hence, use liquid/tablet from instead.

Do not mix any medicine with child’s feed. In some cases some medicines may be mixed with mother’s milk. If the child is breast feed. And then give. But follow your doctor’s advice.

Do not insert any eye drop or ear drop without consulting with neither your physician nor any corticosteroid preparations as eye or ear drops are as an ointment.

Be careful to apply only baby cream, baby soap, baby oil and never use any other soap, shampoo, cream or oil which the elders use.

In nausea and vomiting, avoid giving any feed as the child may vomit the same.

Do not use too hot or too cold a vehicle (like water) while giving any medicine.

The list does not end here there are many other cautions which elders know by their experience.


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