Saturday, March 24, 2007


Blockade of either or both the nasal passage cause breathing problems, especially when the child has breathe through her mouth. If there is cough also, it will make even mouth-breathing difficult. If cough is stingy and tenacious, she won’t be able to cough up the sputum and, thus, feel choked. When all these problems combine the child feels gagged, suffocated and tired. To cure these complications, insert a drop of saline water in each nostril or use Nasivion paediatric nasal drop. Give 2.5 ml of Tyxylax syrup after an interval of 4-6 hours. Vicks vaporub or steam inhalation will facilitate passage of mucus by liquefying the phlegm. If the child vomits while coughing, exhausts and faint, the body turns blue, it points to whooping cough/bronchitis/broncho-pneumonia which all must be treated by a child specialist.


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