Saturday, March 24, 2007


It is claimed that malaria, like small pox, has also been eradicated but there are still confirmed and declared Malaria zones or belts in our country where recurrence of malaria still exists.

Malaria infection is caused by presence of the parasite known as protozoa of the genus plasmodium transmitted into the red blood cells. Malaria disease is transmitted by the female mosquito called anopheles. Malaria is mainly confined to subtropical and tropical zone/areas.

Parasites in the blood of an infected person are taken into the stomach of the mosquito as it feeds. Here they multiply and then invade the salivary glands.

In order to ensure whether one is suffering from malaria or not, required blood test is called for. But if the patient is already loaded with quinine, the clinical investigation may reveal a negative result. Dosage, safeguards and duration and frequency of medicine should be under expert guidance of a doctor only.


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