Saturday, March 24, 2007


Forcing stubborn children to use the toilet is an utter waste of time. This is one area where they alone have complete control and if you are to succeed; only cunning will suffice. It is pointless for, example, to start urine training until the child is sensible enough to realize when she’s wet. Padded diapers like Huggies or pampers do help when you are visiting or away from home, but constant dampness accompanied by chill leads to rashes.

Once children know when they are wet, most will train themselves and need no more than gentle encouragement.

Bowel training is rarely worth considering before 18 months and 2 years is about the right age. Disregard all those boring people who claim that their child was fully trained at 12 months. As mentioned before. This particular achievement is a result of toilet timing not toilet training and is nothing more than an interesting reflex of the child’s

The first goal is to them to sit on the pot or toilet two or three times a day. This is best achieved by fun rather than force. Encourage them by enthusiasm. Read a story while they sit or even resort to those little rewards that rot the teeth. Use a pot or toilet with a seat shaped like child’s bottom and aim for sit of about five minutes. Never make a fuss if they refuse.

Once they are sitting comfortably (and regular) then it’s time to begin. A small psychological nudge is now called for.

“Dear John, you are almost 2 now and 2- years- old big boys do poos on the potty”

Just relax and give it time. You will be surprised at your success.


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