Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baby’s back side massage

· Now turn the baby over onto the front. Then start to stroke her entire back side so that applied oil is evenly distributed to the whole of the back side. After applying the oil evenly over her back side, work up your strokes around baby’s side also and then up the legs, back and over the arms. If you massage her back side, as suggested. It will have a very calming impact on the baby’s spinal nerves, because soothing effect always cheers the baby up

· To stimulate the blood circulation, gently knead and squeeze the buttocks. For this you should make a loose fist and rotate over the baby’s buttocks in circular movements.

Now gently stroke up one side of the back to the shoulders and down again. Repeat the suggested movements on the other side of the back also.

Now bring both your hand’s around the sides of your baby and , then using your thumbs, massage gently up the back to the base of the neck. You should also massage baby’s shoulders with the help of thumbs.

Finally, before you finish up, repeat the feather strokes that were used at the beginning of the massage, by working all over the back, from neck to buttocks.


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