Saturday, March 24, 2007

Diet for the Child

Following suggestions are given simply as a guide to infantile diet but requirement of each infant/child are different, hence there is no need to firmly stick to the given pattern.

1st Month: Only Milk can be given to the baby.

2nd Month: Milk, a teaspoon of sweet lime/orange juice, or curd.

3rd Month: Rice and curd, milk, soup of pulses, crushed banana, juice of pomegranate or apple. But do not mix up juices of two fruit, milk.

4th and 5th Month: Wheat dishes cooked in dhal, green cooked vegetables can be given.

6th Month: Thin gruel of khichri, kheer of sooji or saboodana. Milk 2-3 times.

7th and 8th Month: Chapatti mashed in dal, soup of vegetables, curd, paneer , milk


During summer give lemon juice, honey or sugar mixed water, to which some salt also may be added. You may also give lassi, curd.


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