Saturday, March 24, 2007


As soon as the child starts having loose motions, don’t wait for anything. Immediately start giving some home available fluids like pulses water, rice water, coconut water, light tea, lemon-sugar water. You can also fetch a packet of Oral dehydration Salts (ORS) from the nearest health facility. Follows the instruction given on the packet to make it. Generally, one packet is to be dissolved in one liter of safe drinking water.

This advice must be sought as soon as possible if the child has any one of the following symptoms.

· Blood/mucus in stool

· Child is having excessive vomiting

· Child is not getting better with ORS

· Child is not passing urine

Once a child recovers from diarrhea, give her/him extra food for at least one week.

Do remember that most of the diarrhea episodes are self limiting and get well on their own, without any medication. Infact, don’t give any anti-diarrhoeal medication to the child on your own. Seek the help of a specialist.