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Treating Common Problems 1

Treating Common Problems

Many people from time to time suffer from a variety of com­mon complaints. These typical problems, found within the family, are covered in this section.
The source of most of our imbalance is simply blockage. It can be a blockage of a physical or energetic nature. Mucous, fat, or poor energy circulation contributes to this stagnation. Blockage within and around the organs, as well as within the muscles and nervous and circulatory systems, interferes with the good function­ing of the body and mind. The circulation of energy must go well for an organ to function well, and therefore for balance to be main­tained. Disruption in the flow of energy lessens vitality. When this happens, you don't feel well.

Energy comes from heaven and earth. Without energy (Ki or Qi), nothing would exist. Specifically, energy comes from genetic inheritance, the food that we eat, the air that we breath, and the move­ment activities that we do. Your perception of an increase or de­crease in energy is a notation of normal body adjustment that con­tinually goes on. Through our daily activities we create energy. It flows throughout the body in specific pathways or channels. This ancient knowledge of energy circulation has been known and

passed down for thousands of years. We are not only bones, mus­cles, nor nerves. We are the total of these sources of energy. As blockage interrupts the flow of energy, biological function is slowed down and problems arise.

It is important to understand this simple and basic approach of traditional medicine. With this understanding it is clear that if the flow of energy can be changed, then the physical, mental, or emo­tional trouble can be changed. In other words, a^ you remove the ob­struction to normal energy flow your health improves. For example, if your car is not working well and you check and discover that the oil and air filters are dirty, you change them, thereby improving the performance of the car. By simply removing the obstructions the au­tomobile functions better.

We are not only using western medicine or oriental medi­cine. We are combining the two to synthesize a more total approach. Our aim is to help understand our human place within nature.
Each condition listed in this chapter has suggestions for treat­ment including shiatsu, diet, exercise, moxibustion, special food preparations, and external treatments. If when viewing a problem we can see the existing stagnation of energy, then the appropriate­ness of these simple solutions is clear.
Some conditions demand a long-term commitment to achieve results. The effects of frequent shiatsu are enhanced by exercise and dietary adjustments. The receiver must be encouraged towards self-healing by adding as many natural methods prescribed for a given condition as possible. In this way, improvement is faster and more certain. A helpful word of encouragement from you to the receiver will give him or her confidence in the treatment and the healing process.

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