Friday, October 19, 2007

Help for making sure baby gets better.

Help for making sure baby gets better.

When you're giving medication to your baby, make sure to follow all of your doctor's directions as well as these additional safety tips:

  • Take the whole course of an antibiotic as prescribed, even if your child seems cured after a few days.

  • Don't reuse a prescription left over from a previous illness, even if you suspect it's another bout of the same sickness.

  • Measure medicine carefully -- even the difference of a mere milliliter can overdose a baby -- and use an appropriate dosing device rather than a kitchen spoon.

  • Don't call medicine "candy."

  • Don't forcibly squirt medicine down the back of your child's throat. A portion can get into the lungs, causing her to gag.

  • Call your doctor if the medicine doesn't seem to be working, your child's condition worsens, or you notice unexpected side effects.


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