Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Inflamed Breast Shiatsu treatment

Inflamed breast can occur after childbirth in breast feeding women, especially with the first child. An accumulation of mother's milk blocks the flow out of the breast. This causes the nipple to crack and become infected. An abscess can result. The skin in the area becomes red and the lymph nodes in the arm pit on the same side as the affected breast swell greatly. Some women have chills and fever.


Have the receiver lie on the back. The giver can apply sesame oil to the breast. Gent­ly massage with the thumb around the lump in the breast. Then, holding the breast with the fingers of both hands, use the two thumbs in alternation to rub down along the swollen lump from the top of the lump down to the nip­ple. Fluid will begin to come out. Then hold the breast firmly with one hand and with the other thumb and forefingers squeeze down along the swollen mass toward the nipple. The pressure should be tolerable for the woman.

Ginger Compress

A compress can be placed directly on the affected breast to open the blocked pores.


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