Friday, October 5, 2007

Overeating Shiatsu Treatment


Excessive eating is caused by nutri­tional imbalances or emotional states. Eating the macrobiotic diet, which is rich in nutrients, will satisfy the body's physical require­ment. Regular shiatsu treatments with its healing touch will help meet the emotional requirement. Eating more calories than your body needs for its day to day activities will eventually create an

overweight condition. Being conscious of the types of foods that are eaten is the first step in getting the diet under control. Cheese and desserts are rich in calories compared with whole grains and vege­tables, which are less fatty. Your emotional state and your ideas surrounding food and eating are equally important.

Both the foods that you eat and your relationship with eating must be looked into. If throughout the day you dislike your living or working situation and at night you reward yourself for having made it through another day with several large bowls of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and toasted walnuts on top, just trying not to eat ice cream will be a very difficult task. If, on the other hand, you realize your living or work situation is not promoting your happiness, you can either change the situation or at the very least reward yourself with activi­ty instead of food. In other words, reward yourself by visiting friends, going to the theatre, or any other pleasurable activity in­stead of eating. In this way not only will you lose weight, but your self image will improve.

Acupuncture or a plastic acu-clip, placed in the ear worn like an earring, can reduce the urge to eat.

motion sickness

For motion sickness—although it sounds strange, both the eat­ing of salted plums (umeboshi) and the placing of one taped on the navel are beneficial in treating this condition.

Obesity Point

Weight Loss Point