Sunday, October 7, 2007

AIDS Treatment by Acupressure


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a severe breakdown in the body's protective system. Someone with AIDS doesn't have the normal immune protective factors that fight off common bacteria and viruses. Such com­mon maladies as colds and flu can be very dangerous for someone with deficient im­mune responses. Without major changes in the immune system function, AIDS is fatal.


A very careful approach to the macrobi­otic diet must be adhered to in order to overcome the severe debility of AIDS. Included in the diet should be 50-60% whole cereal grains, without the use of flour products, such as cakes, cookies, breads, pan­cakes, etc. Miso soup 1-2 times per day should include seaweed and onions as well as other vegetables. Cooked vegetables should be used from root, squash and leafy green categories—no raw salads. Beans cooked with seaweed especially kombu, should be taken in small volume (5-15 %). Nuts and fruits should be avoided temporar­ily. Also avoid meat, chicken, eggs, oil, and sugars (see diet sec­tion).


Regular shiatsu treatments will stimulate the important nat­ural defenses of the body in preventing AIDS. For someone with AIDS, the treatment must be adjusted according to their condition. If they are strong, then a vigorous treatment can be given. If they are weak, then a light shiatsu or palm healing can be given.

MoxibusLion and Acupuncture

Both these therapies can be used to enhance the immune sys­tem. Moxa can be given at home. Warm acupoints: ST 36, SP 6, LI 4, CV4,CV6,andUB23.
Acupuncture must be administered by a professional.