Saturday, October 20, 2007

Acupressure and Pain during Childbirth

Pain during childbirth

For pom during childbirth, massage the area near the ankle on the inside of the leg (SP 6). and the area around the back of the hips (same as preceding treatment). The acu-points of the hands (LI 4) are helpful.

Breech position of child before delivery

reach position of the fetus can be re­versed in a good number of cases. In China, studies have shown that by using moxibus-tion (see moxibustion section) on one acu-point, the fetus can move to the correct delivery position. This occurs in 90% of woman treated. Moxibustion is applied to UB 67 (Zhiyin) on both feet. The heating is con­trolled so as not to produce burning pain. It is applied once a day for 15 minutes. Most can be corrected within one to four treatments. Some take up to 10 treatments. It is assumed that stimulation of UB 67 increases secretion of the adrenal cortex which enhances uterine activity. At the time of treatment, the movement of the fetus increases. This favor the automatic correction of the fetal position.


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