Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Epilepsy, Tremor, Shaking



In earlier times this illness was thought to be associated with possession by evil or even divine spirits. Actually, epilepsy is disorganized electrical activity in the brain. This leads to attacks of disturbed sen­sory or motor functions.

Shiatsu can be used to reduce the fre­quency and shorten the time of seizures. Diet
is also very important. The brain and the digestive system are re­lated.; if we can clean the intestines, then the brain will be benefi­cially affected.


Full body treatment should be complet­ed. Frequently pounding the head with the fist, along with deep abdominal massage is helpful.
PressGV20,GB20, GV26


Warm each point for 2-5 minutes. SP 6, ST 36, UB 13, UB 15, UB 23, CV 12.


Within the standard macrobiotic diet, more strengthening foods are taken in order to control epilepsy. In addition to fifty-sixty per cent whole grains like brown rice, eat many vegetables. Also the method of cooking should incorporate a longer cooking time such as baking and a waterless style. (See macrobiotic cook books.) However for those who are very tight and rigid, their cooking should also include lightly cooked vegetables in order to soften the body.

A major cause of seizures is the repeat­ed overconsumption of liquid. Therefore excessive drinking of wa­ter, fruit juice, milk, soft drinks, beer, wine, and alcoholic drinks should be avoided. Overeating is a common habit of people with epi­lepsy. Recreational activities other than eating should be encour­aged