Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heart Governor/Triple Heater

Heart Governor/Triple Heater

In addition to the body's ten major organs, traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the usefulness of two functions. These functions were given the names heart governor and triple heater. They are paired like the other organs.

The heart governor is considered the first line of defense for the heart. It functions much the same as the heart.

The triple heater helps with the administration of energy and the fluid metabolism of the body. It coordinates the functions of the three spaces of the trunk. The upper space helps the stomach take in and digest food. The middle space helps the small intestine absorb and transfer the essence of food for body energy and nutrition. The function of the lower space is to help the large intestine and the blad­der eliminate waste. From this it can be seen that these functions re­late to all the other organs.

Problems in the circulation of energy in these two channels can be seen as circulation trouble, cold hands and feet, body temper­ature troubles such as too hot or too cold, immune troubles, swelling and water retention, digestive disorders, mental disorders, and so forth.