Thursday, October 18, 2007

Acupressure and inability to conceive

Inability to conceive

There are many reasons why there can be difficulty for a couple to conceive and have children. Low sperm count is one condition affecting males, while blocked fallopian tubes or hormonal inbalances can affect the female making conception impossible. The ability to produce children depends on more

than physiological readiness. It requires a combination of correctly timed physical and hormonal events, a suitable mental attitude by both partners and many other less under­stood factors that we can just call luck. The habit of throwing rice after the wedding cere­mony is based on ancient "fertility rites."

Yet even though no physical problems can be found that should stop a couple from having children, there are times when con­ception does not occur, Shiatsu helps to regu­late the indidivuals and may be useful.


Have the receiver lie face down. Use thumb pressure to treat the lower back region near the lumber vertebrae. Press around the hip bones and on the buttocks.
Have the receiver turn over onto the back. Massage the lower abdomen. Beneath the navel, press and hold. Move the thumbs down to the pubic bone, press around the pelvic bones.


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