Sunday, November 4, 2007

Curvature of the spine

Curvature of the spine

Shiatsu on the back may relieve the pain brought on by curvature. In some cases, the curve may be slowly corrected.


Have the receiver lie face down. With the giver standing directly over the receiver with
one leg on each side of the body, press the back points using body weight. Lean into each point, bending the knees. Beginning at the shoulder level, work down, pressing 11/2 inches from the spine. Hold each point for 3-5 seconds. Repeat many times, spending time where hardness or pain is located.


Moxa heat can be applied on any hard or painful spot that you find while doing shiatsu. Do bird-pecking technique for five minutes on each point.

Ginger compress/Ginger oil

A ginger compress can be applied directly to the area of the back where the curve is the most obvious or to the area of pain. The compress will increase circulation and begin to loosen and relax the muscles that hold the spine in its curved position.
A mixture of ginger oil can be vigorously rubbed all over the back near the spine daily. This soothes and softens the muscles. (See appendix)


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