Friday, November 2, 2007

Acupressure for Weightloss

The secret of reducing weight lies in your palms, soles and the two fingers — the index finger and the thumb. Does it sound incredible or unbelievable? It need not, because it is absolutely true that deep finger pressure helps one to reduce the excess weight without having to depend on external help. Acupressure is being widely practised in almost all parts of the world by specialised practitioners as welt as common man.

When we get hurt on the body or get hit on the head our immediate reaction is to press the affected part. We massage our temples with pain balms when it aches and, press the abdomen to relieve stomach ache. But there are specific areas in our body, palms and soles to give pressure and relieve the pain or whatever other disorder afflicts us. By giving pressure on the specific points of these areas, disturbed functions of the internal organs are restored to normalcy and cure is obtained.

The skin of the palm and sole are drier than the-skin in other parts of the body. The large number of sweat glands, concentrated in the palms is highly sensitive to the change in temperature. They contract in cold weather and in nervous condition make the palm cold. They expand in heat and during fever and panic.

Power in the palm and sole

The palm and sole are equipped with a rich supply ot selective

nerves and nerve endings. That is why we can feel with our hands what we even cannot see with the eyes. With the lips of our fingers we can feel our pulse which none of the other organs can do.
Our body consists of two forces -- positive and negative -which together create the electricity to sustain life. This is a priceless provision of nature installed in our body. The palms and soles serve as the switchboard to the entire network of the nerves in the whole body. This electric power is lowered at limes when one is sick, tired, depressed or when one'suffers from chronic illness.
Acupressure has originated from the same roots as Acupuncture. Our body functions with the help oiprana or energy or Qi as it is called in Chinese. This energy flows in a definite pathway or channel in our body connecting ihe various organs. Any imbal­ance in the level and flow of this energy results in illness and disease.

Acupressure uses finger pressure on the acupuncture points as well as the reflex points in the paim and sole. Acupressure is an effective method of treating oneself at home. Especially in obesity, Acupressure gives best results if followed with palience.

The organs and the various systems, like digestive, respiratory, circulatory and other systems in our body are inter-connected in their function where, if one of the organ over or under-furtctions, the other subsequently gets affected. Finger pressure on the reflex points of the body corrects the functions of these disturbed organs.

There are around 38 points located in each of our palms and soles. By stimulating these pointstthe interruption created in the flow of the energy in the channels connecting the internal organs of the body gets regularised.

If you can treat, heal and cure obesity successfully, you have cured almost all diseases and discomforts of your body. The secretion of the hormones by the Endocrine glands, plays a very important role in the increase in body weight. [ This has been explained in one of the previous chapters.] By stimulating the points related to these glands in ihe palms and soles, ihe abnor­mal secretion of hormones is corrected. Giving pressure controls appetite stimulates the pituitary gland to govern the secretion of hormones in proportion to the requirement of the body and reduces fatty tissues in the body. (See illustration)

But there is a catch in accupressure too as in other type of natural self treatment. Yes, it is the role of diet that is complementary.

The Correct Method of Giving Pressure to the Points

AH the points on the palm and sole must be given hard pressure as if pumping. Place the thumb on the point and the four fingers on the back side of the hand. Do not press continuously but without lifting the finger press hard once and release a bit and press again. The points located on the body must be pressed rotating the finger on and around the point. Each point on the palm and the sole should be pressed at least ten to fifteen times in a session. Press the points in the given order. Also press the points in both ears as given in the illustration.

Instructions to give pressure

While giving pressure start with the right sole first, then the left sole, right palm and left palm in the lasi.

First give pressure lo the centre point solar plexus, then all other points and finally the kidney point, h can be as follows:

1. Solar plexus
2. Pituitary, pineal
3. Thyroid
4. Adrenal
5. Pancreas
6. Lungs
7. Mean — liver
8. Stomach
9. Colon
10. Bladder
11. Kidney

Give pressure to the points in both the ears.

Each session should lust for at least twenty minutes. This self treatment must be given after bath and before breakfast in the morning and before meals in the evening. Never give pressure on a full stomach, neither when you are extremely tired , nor when there is fever and for women during their monthly cycle. Some people go for a body massage to reduce weight but massage is not necessary if acupressure is given regularly for two to three months.


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