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Ringing in the ear,Ear infection, Hearing Loss

Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)

Ear infection

Hearing loss

The ear we see attached to the side of the head is only part of the wonderful mechanism that allows us to hear the world around us. The sounds of the birds chirping, water rushing downstream, and the breeze gently moving through the trees are made possible by the interaction of sound vibrations, liquid vibrations, and electrical impulses.

These sounds enter the outer ear, that is, the structure that you and I know as our ears. These vibrations place pressure on the ear drum which is inside the middle ear. There are some small bones inside this middle portion of the ear, named the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. They conduct the vibrations from outside the ear to the ear drum and increase the intensity by seventeen times. Farther in the ear, there is the cochlea which looks like a small snail shell and acts to receive sound vibrations. Vibration continues to travel by passing through the liquid contained in the snail shell, like the movement of energy through waves in the ocean. When vibrations of the liquid in the inner ear reach another membrane (like the ear¬drum), this creates a force even stronger then before. The rubbing action on some tiny hair-like cells within the inner ear makes elec¬trical signals that travel to the brain to be translated into familiar sounds.

There are also structures in the ear that help us to maintain balance. All ear structures must work well in order for hearing to be at its best

Many hearing and ear difficulties come from excessive ear wax, mucus, or mineral deposits, which harden and block the passages within the different parts of the ear. Treatment is aimed at

loosening and removing these deposits so that sound vibrations, liquid vibrations, and elec¬trical impulses can move freely.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a relationship between the ears, hearing, and the kidneys. Our treatment must also strengthen both the kidneys and the circulation of energy that goes to and from the kidneys.


Pull and massage the ears vigorously. Put the index fingers into ear and wiggle fin¬gers up and down, sending vibrations into the ear. Open mouth and move jaw back and forth to open the ear canal.

Full body shiatsu to help improve the general condition is im¬portant. During the full treatment, emphasize direct treatment of the ear as described above. In addition to the areas around the ear, the following acupoints should be pressed: UB 23, KD 3.


Hold the lighted moxa roll directly in front of the ear canal. With the bird-pecking motion, allow the heat to penetrate the ear for
5-10 minutes.

Salt Pack

Place a salt pack directly on the affected ear. The receiver can be lying on his or her side. Keep the salt pack on for at least fif¬teen minutes.


The macrobiotic diet is low in fats and oils and therefore low in foods that create excessive mucus or cause stagnation. When ear trouble is present, especially ringing in the ears, eliminate all foods which cause excessive earwax and mucus production. This in¬cludes all fried, greasy, and oily foods (including potato chips, tem-pura, etc,), all dairy products (especially ice cream), fruit juice, fresh fruit, and sugary items. Eliminate or at least reduce the use of flour products including breads, pancakes, and baked desserts. All of these foods create excessive earwax production as well as mucus. The use of dissolving foods such as daikon radish and turnip are useful on a daily basis


The ear we see attached to the side of the head is only part of the wonderful gladys cobb

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