Saturday, November 3, 2007

Breast Feeding and Pain


Check your latch. I knew I had the latch down when there was no white tip or line across the nipple and it didn't hurt after a few seconds to nurse. The initial pain went away after a few weeks.

Frozen peas aren't just food. A bag of frozen peas [is] awesome as a cold compress for engorgement.

Cabbage combats soreness. Use cabbage leaves for soreness -- they are cooling and feel great! Just place individual cabbage leaves inside your bra (break them apart, wash, separate with paper towels, place in a big plastic bag, and keep them cold in the fridge.)

No biting allowed. The advice I got was to watch while the baby is latched on. If you watch, you can see when the latch is dropped and a bite is coming, so you can pull out before it happens. If you do get bitten, I've been saying "No bite!" and then not letting him back on for a minute so he associates that with not nursing.


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