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Eye fatigue, Nearsightedness,myopia,blurred vision, eye pain

Eye fatigue
Nearsightedness (Myopia)
Blurred vision
Eye pain

Poets throughout the ages have often looked upon the eyes as the "windows of the soul". With a somewhat less romantic view, we can see that the eyes and their surrounding tissues are among the body's most delicate structures. Most of us value our gift of sight above all other senses. The eye is actually a direct extension of the brain. The retina—the light-sensitive structure at the back of the eye—contains millions of rods and cones, which are specialized nerve endings which convert light into electrical impulses. These impulses are then conveyed by the optic nerve to the visual center at the back of the brain, where the individual interprets them as specific images.

In Oriental medicine the sense of vision and the eyes are under the control of the liver. If eye sight is failing it is the liver that is also failing in its function. The whole body with all the internal organ functions are represented in the eye. With study one can diagnose many body conditions from observation of the eyes. They represent the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of a person.


With the thumbs, press against the upper inside corners of the eye sockets, below the eyebrow. Then, with the thumb and index finger of one hand, squeeze the base of the nose near the corner of the eyes. First press down, then squeeze and press upward, doing first one way
With your four fingers press the upper eye rim and then the lower rim.
With the middle finger press the Yintang point, directly in the center of the two eyebrows. Hold for several seconds. With the thumbs press the temples (Taiyang points.)
Finally, apply pressure to the eyelids with the thumbs for about 10 seconds.


The points and areas of treatment are much the same for partner shiatsu as for self shiatsu. When working on someone else, press the shoulders and back of the neck. This will increase circu¬lation to the head and eye area.
watery eyes

This condition is caused by fruits, fruit juice, sugar, and other excessive yin substances. Place a drop or two of pure toasted sesame oil directly in the eyes with an eyedropper, preferably before sleeping. The first few applications can sometimes sting. Continue one to three days, until the eyes improve. Next morning wash with salted twig tea. Before using the sesame oil for this purpose, boil and strain with a sanitized cheesecloth to remove any impurities and let cool to room temperature.

Simple Eye Exercises

Twice a day, in almost every school in China and in many
factories as well, the Chinese take a break and do four simple eye exercises, which take only ten minutes. The exercises relax the focusing muscles of the eyes and increase blood circulation.
When doing exercises, keep your eyes closed. Fingernails should be short and your hands clean. Press lightly and slowly; don't use excessive pressure. Repeat each exercise eight times, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Sit with the elbows resting on a table.

1. Use thumbs to massage inside eyebrow corners; other fingers are slightly curled against forehead.

2. Use the thumb and index finger to massage the nose bridge. Press downward, then upward.

3. Place thumbs on lower jaw and index and middle fingers against both sides of nose near nostrils. Lower the middle fingers and massage with index fingers.

4. With fingers curled under and thumbs on each side of fore¬head, use the sides of the index fingers to rub outward, following the contours of the eyebrow and bony rim under the eye.


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