Friday, May 25, 2007

Useful Biochemic Combinations

Useful Biochemic Combinations

There are 28 combination compounds of biochemic remedies which are detailed hereunder with main symptoms for which each one should be used. These combinations are numerically numbered.

Before purchasing any biochemic combination, make sure that only products of standard homoeo companies are purchased (e.g. WSI, SBL, Ralson, Baksons, Bioforce etc.)

Biochemic Compounds

Number-1 Anaemia

Number-2 Asthma

Number-3 Colic

Number-4 Constipation

Number-5 Coryza

Number-6 Cough, Cold and Catarrh

Number-7 Diabetes

Number-8 Diarrhoea

Number-9 Dysentery

Number-10 Enlarged Tonsils

Number-11 Fever

Number-12 Headache

Number-13 Leucorrhoea

Number-14 Measles

Number-15 Menstruation Troubles

Number-16 Nervous Exhaustion

Number-17 Piles

Number-18 Pyorrhoea

Number-19 Rheumatism

Number-20 Skin Diseases

Number-21 Teething Troubles of Children

Number-2 2 Scrofula

Number-23 Toothache

Number-24 Tonic for Nerves and Brain

Number-25 Acidity, Flatulence and Indigestion

Number-26 Easy Delivery/Parturition

Number-27 Lack of Vitality

Number-28 General Tonic

Dosage for children and adults have been mentioned on each combination but in emergent situations like cholera, diarrhoea, colic, flatulence, fever etc. dosage may be repeated with greater frequency but quantity of dose will, however, remain the same. In case of any confusion or difficulty consult a Homoeopathic physician.

Biochemic Combination No. 21 (Teething Troubles)

This is the mostly used Biochemic Combination

These tablets help to build up general health of the baby and also keep him free from most of the health problems which normally occur during dentition period. It is a combination of Ferrum Phos and Calcarea Phos which in combined form, proves more effective and efficacious due to addition of Ferrum Phos. Mothers generally prefer to use Calcarea Phos but, in our view, this combination should be preferred in comparison to single use of Calcarea Phos. These tablets can be used regularly, from the anticipated time of cutting teeth until your child can be relieved from the agony of dentition problems.