Friday, May 25, 2007

Some other good Homoeopathic remedies

Some other good Homoeopathic remedies

Chamomilla : For colic, diarrhoea, ear infection, teething problems.

Aconite : For colds, cough, dry, sudden occurence of symptoms.

Ferrum Phos : For gradual onset of fever, throbbing pain of ear, red cheeks.

Dulcamara : For cough, cold during rainy season.

Gelsemium : For colds and influenza.

Calendula : For minor cuts.

Bryonia : For cough, cold during change of weather.

Belladona : For high rise of temperature.

Calc. Phos : For delayed teething and diarrhoea.

Hep. Sulph : For abscesses.

Colocynth : Distension of abdomen. Jelly like stools.

How do I give the remedies ?

Homoeopathic remedies come either in tablets or granules. Babies can take homoeopathic tablets crushed and mixed in a little cooled, boiled water. Give half a teaspoon at a time,

and make up a fresh solution daily. A baby on solids will usually take a crushed tablet or granules off a spoon, while a toddler or child can suck the tablet whole. Initially use in 30 potency only.

How long does treatment last?

Some treatments for minor ailments may only need a single dose, although if your child has long-term problems she may need to continue treatment for months. However, with homoeopathy it is usual to stop the treatment as soon as improvement occurs — unlike conventional drugs.

When should I see the doctor ?

Always see the doctor if your child's symptoms persist, if symptoms change, or if this could be due to a serious illness. You may even consult the authors.


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