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Formulations to Cure Marasmus

Formulations to Cure Marasmus

(1) Majeeth 60 gms, Chaleera Sugandh wala and Nagarmotha (each 22-25 gm), Haldi 25 gms, Laung, Saunth Taj, Jaiphal, Daru Haldi, sliced pieces of Ginger, Peepal-6 gms each, Kachoor 50 gms, Sandalwood powder, Lai Chandan 12 gms each, Kapur (Camphor) 3 gms— boil all the mentioned ingredients in water (in 1.25 litres), When the water content is reduced to 1 kg, mix 1/2 litre Til oil to it and boil until entire quantity of water evaporates and only oil is left behind. After this, mix in Lai Ratna jyot in the oil and remove from fire. After removing from fire put in 4-6 tablets of Camphor and when the liquid cools down, bottle the contents and secure with a cork or stopper. The prepared oil is said to remove fever, pains and aches in the body, shrivelling of skin, weakness and will make muscles arid bones healthy, tough and full of strength.

(2) Mulethi 6 gms, Ilayachi, Dalchini, Tulsi leaves (2 gms each), Banshlochan 3 gms, Kesar 2 gms, Mishri (sugar candy) equivalent to half the weight of above-mentioned ingredients — all the ingredients may be ground and reduced to paste form in juice of Tulsi leaves. Prepare pills of 125 mg each. A pill may be dissolved with mother's milk and given to the infant 3-4 times daily to get rid of infantile marasmus.

(3) Root of Patharchata 500 mg may be rubbed in mother's milk and 300 mg Black pepper powder added to it. It should be served to a child for 3 days ( one dose daily) and is said to cure marasmus.

Note : Quantities mentioned above and down below or in other cases are simply indications only and may be adjusted in consultation with an Ayurvedic physician as also frequency of dosage.


Bal Sanjeevan Ark

Saunf, Ajwain, Vaiviranta (2 gms each), Peepal, parched Borax, Nausadar, Marorh Phali, Munakka—12 gms each, Makoy 125 mg, Indra Jau — 250 mg, Sanai Mulethi, Harar, Kachoor,

Laung, Mangore, Amaltas-60gms each. Boil all the said ingredients, ( after reducing all of them into a'powder form) in 10 kgs water. When the contents are reduced to l1/^ kgs, put in Kesar 400 mg and Mishri 400 gms and boil again. Remove from fire and let it cool, after which the contents should be bottled and corked. The resultant product, so procured, is said to make weak and marasmic children stronger, removes fever, cough, stomach and digestion related disorders, including green or yellow loose stools.

Ras Peepari

Process Kajali from purified mercury and purified sulphur (6 gms) each after which add 3 gms each of powdered Heeng (fried), Peepal, Saunth, Taj Jaiphal, Kesar (fried), Suhaga, Rock (red) salt, fried Laung, Ateesa, Ajwain, Vaivaringa, Kakkarsinghi and mix with Kajali and process pills of 125 mg each. It is said to be useful when the child is suffering from cold, fever, cough, nasal discharge, flu, milk vomiting, green and loose motions, and other stomach and digestion related disorders. One pill should be dissolved in mother's or cow's milk and given 2-3 times daily. This preparation is said to serve both as a preventive and curative medicine. It will also benefit during fever (due to cold conditions and coryza and catarrh).

Bal Roga Janam Ghutti

Take an equal quantity Zahar Mohra Salai, Hajrul yahood, Dariyai Narial, Yellow Harhar, Banshlochan, Peepal, Ilayachi, Jaiphal, Kesar, Gulab ke phool and finely pound all the ingredients. Process pills to the weight of 10-15 mg. Dissolve a pill in mother's milk and give evening and morning. It is said to be beneficial in fever, (intense) thirst, loose motions, vomiting of milk and other diseases which are specifically attributed to infancy stage. Some good Ayurvedic companies are preparing it. You can purchase from market also.


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