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Treatment by Ayurveda

Treatment by Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a well established science which is non harming to children.


If cough is dry and sputum is difficult to expel, mix 125 mg each of parched and pulverised powder of Alum and Borax and mix with honey which the child should lick (give this 3-4 times daily). It will moisten and loose the phlegm and help it to expectorate, normalise respiration and relieve cough. It is also useful in tonsillitis.

If phlegm is white, give parched Borax powder and Abhrak Bhasma 15-20 mg (mixed with honey) 3-4 times daily. Anand Bhairava Rasa (15-20 mg) may also be given for the same purpose (2-3 times daily).


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science providing treatment by herbs and refined chemicals.

Praval Bhasma — 50-60 mg (for children aged 1-2 years) with milk will quell general fever but, when fever is due to cough, cold and dyspepsia, give 15 mg with milk. Fever due to heat can be brought down by Paracetamol (lA-l/2 Tsp) — Paed. dose — or 50-100 mg of Aspirin (soluble). If 15-25 mg of Abhrak Bhasma is given Vz-l hour before anticipated time of fever, it won't let fever surface — it will also relieve symptoms of cough. Septrin tablets of Baidyanath are also good.

Pain in Ribs

Prepare a liniment/rubbing oil by mixing Heeng (Asafoetida) and Garlic. Massage this oil over the affected rib-area 2-3 times daily. In addition give also Abhrak Bhasma (5-10 mg) with Milk or Honey. It will not only alleviate pain but also remove swelling.

Pain in the Ear

Fry 4-5 cloves of Garlic and 25-30 gms of Heeng in Mustard oil. Boil and let it cool down. Drop 2-3 drops in the painful ear. Alternatively 3-4 drops of doctor's brandy (slightly heated in winter) should be inserted into the painful ear. Even 2-3 drops of turpentine oil used as ear-drops or extracted juice of Onion and some Alum (red colour) should be mixed together to yield the relieving effect. But do not probe anything into the ear, as it (it is better to consult an ENT specialist) may cause infection and aggravate pain.

Abdominal/Stomach pain

This is also known as colic. Mix Heeng, fried Harar and table Salt with Milk or Honey or apply Amritdhara locally over navel and adjoining area. It can also be given in 2 drop doses with a lump of sugar or mixed with milk. As a supportive measure, the child should be laid on his stomach side and gently patted — it will help expel trapped wind and provide relief to the child.


This condition arises due to reddening of mucus surface in the mouth when the child refuses to be fed and cries when any attempt is made to feed him. There may also be white patches on sub mucus portion. Mix parched Alum, Papparia Katha, and powder of Cardamom with Honey and apply over the infected site or else parched Suhaga, Alum powder or Katha and Kabab cheeni should be mixed with Honey or Ghee (pure) and applied locally, as indicated above.



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