Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simple Acupressure weight loss method

Simple Acupressure weight loss method

Friends from overseas came back, not seen for two months,her figure become so fine, weight was reduced by as much as eight kilograms. How can she get so fast weight loss? She told me that the latest weight loss acupressure technique is popular in London , not only do not need to take weight loss pill, but also do not have any instruments, but can be done anytime, anywhere, as long as the use of a short period of time to spare a few minutes. Is the most easy way to lose weight.

1. Acupressure lips before meal

Put the forefinger on the Point Renzhong, thumb on the upper lip of the front-end, rapid pinch for 30 times, this method can control the appetite, so that the stomach is no longer feel hunger. However, this method should not be done in public places, easy to eye-catching.
2. Avoid snacking method

Use the front-end of the two fingers hand, to pressure inside of the wrist, by the thumb to little finger slowly in front of the bottom, can be used right-hand man. slowly moved from the bottom of the Thumb to the front of the little finger, each hand can be used.

3. Press stomach when eating by the middle finger

Put the fingertips of index and middle fingers on the center between the sternum and the navel, this method can control the filling of hunger. 30 times around in 10 seconds.


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